Floor and I tend to talk about life a lot when we're together which I absolutely love about our relationship. Before I left for Denmark we talked about the seemingly large amount of 'alone time' I get to have to myself even though my work keeps going 24 hours a day. She noticed and put my attention to the fact that I do get to spend a lot of time alone. Editing at home, being on the road or travelling by plane gives me enormous amounts of time that I have to spend by myself. I thought about it and she's absolutely right. Travelling for work in any field forces you to learn how to be alone a lot. I realised that when I listen to the people around me is that many have a hard time actually being alone. By themselves. Work like mine enables me to 'disconnect' easily and 'connect' any time I desire to. A lot of my colleagues that travel for work should recognise this. If I tend to socialise whether that's on social media or WhatsApp with friends and family during that 'down' time I tend to arrive at my destination overstimulated or kind of tense because of the fact that I've been 'busy while doing nothing'. The conversations I have with Floor about that lets me think about the fact that one major importance to being alone is knowing how. Not constantly feeling the need to be influenced or kept busy by something is so important to learn at an early stage - this type of stuff really leads to overworking and feeling burnt out. I'm having a long break halfway to Denmark right now and I felt like taking photos and writing about this subject. I feel that being able to voluntarily 'work' while having down time is a luxury. I feel that one of the important thing for (creative/personal) development is being able to spend time with yourself. Something that teaches us a lot about where we are in life but more importantly who we are and if we're actually truly happy with that. With that in mind I'm going to disconnect, finish my sandwich now and hit the road again. 



Where do I start. How do I describe my feelings for you? You two, my perfect travel companions. We've been all over the world together. From the plains of Kenya to the streets of New York, the alleys of Haiti and the snowy landscapes of Iceland together. My god do we have a long history together my dearest shoes. I still love you as much as I did 5 years ago. It's okay don't worry! I think you're beautiful with all of your imperfections, bumps, scratches and marks. You're still the prettiest to me. Trust me, nothing will separate us. We're together forever. I might just give you a little spa-treatment. Get you all shined up and looking good to reach our 10 year anniversary. Honest to god, I wouldn't want to live a day without you. 


"CLASS OF 2018."

It's inspiring and motivating to see how exciting all of the students are. They're just one day away from exhibiting their work and being part of that energy reminds me of all of the times that new and scary things were happening. I can't wait to see them show off their work and if you're around please do come take a look. The official opening takes place tomorrow evening (12th) at 19.00 and ends at 21.30. If you can't make it you can also visit on the Wednesday (13th) between 13.00 and 21.00.



Driving the last 3 hours to Højer led us straight into reuniting with Liam & Jennifer and heading out to the gallery where my photos will exhibited 2 weeks from now. It was a full day of talking about where to hang which photos, a walk on the beach and a hang out session in their library. We'll be heading back home tomorrow afternoon so it was a short and sweet trip. See you in two weeks, Højer!



True story, I was talking about wanting to see a deer here in the woods and 3 minutes later we saw one. That brief encounter was magical. No photo's. But that's fine. The moment will stay with us forever. Someone's listening up there. Thanks for that.