A testimonial by Liam Maher.

The work of Amsterdam based photographer Marc Haers includes both documentary and commercial commissions. Whether he is creating global campaigns for international fashion labels or working on editorial projects, it is his unwavering effort to fuse the true with the symbolic that distinguishes his stylistic signature.

His work has included a series of portrait-based projects characterised by a direct and unpretentious engagement with members of a community undertaken in their own spaces and on their own terms. He works quickly and openly with his subjects in a style that has allowed him to avoid artifice. His ability to normalise the relationship between photographer and model is a remarkable feature of his approach. Regardless of culture or background, his subjects consistently comment on the easy energy of his process. His eye for lighting and composition combined with his ability to capture the fleeting in-between expressions that pass in momentary reverie across the faces he records inform his images with sense of both the iconic and the romantic

Despite his fluid and fast-paced approach to documentary work, Marc remains a painstaking classicist. He hopes to produce images that are simultaneously truthful and immediate as well as universal and timeless. Haers' has used his camera to tell the stories of communities from Africa to Haiti. My own collaborations with him have included Work on Canvas, a time-lapse portrait project celebrating modern Amsterdam artisans as well as a pending folio being developed together with my wife Jennifer, entitled, Menswhere which examines a loosely connected community of alternative tailors from Florence, London, Tokyo, New York, Iceland, Amsterdam and Norway. In each of these as well as in Haers' entirely personal multi-chapter magic realist projects; With One Another and A King and His Boys, he expresses an unrelenting root commitment to uncovering his subjects' blended sense of; Where I Come From, Where I Belong and Where I Hope to Go. This intersection of past, present and future expressed on personal, ancestral, societal, cultural and pop-cultural levels constitutes the prime motive for his various explorations as a photographer, film-maker and artist.