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Everyone has a story, strangers or friends, stories that need to be told.

Everyone has a story. Myself included. Photography is as much a part of me as a person as it is my profession. In all honesty I couldn't care much about explaining what I've "accomplished" as a photographer. That's because the work I make is moved and shaped by my personal experiences in life. I owe a lot if not everything to that. It's the reason my work exists.

From strangers to friends. There's something magical about meeting new people and briefly becoming part of their lives. I've been welcomed into countless homes, shared many meals and smiles. The thing that still awes me till this day is that you're going to be connected forever through those moments together. It's all because of the power of photography. One photograph binds two souls forever.

One story yet to be told. My daughter is the closest thing to my heart in this world. She represents an unwritten story about to unfold and it's inspiring to be part of it. My photography is solely driven by the ambition to stand the test of time and will still carry value a long time from now. This profession is about recording history and I hope my work will act as her little time machine to see the history of my life.