Conceived by mother nature herself, these children are seen as highly intelligent and aware of the reason of being. They are not just children, their appearance is merely connected to their high sensitivity and creativity. Staying child like keeps purity at it’s finest and saves room for innocence and curiosity. 

Tales tell that the children of Mother’s Own are the carriers of heavy times and the distributors of balance in our world. Whenever there is a sense of imbalance they shift the world’s energy to bring back harmony and peace. Each of them have a role within their own tribe and their sensitivity and intelligence always manifests itself into a talent. Every child has her responsibility and craft which supplies the tribe with what it needs.

None of them look like one another, yet they do share the same souls some believe. It is as if they are the true brothers and sisters of the world, proving that love and care has no face or color. The members of this tribe are the faces of the world given to us. With deep respect and love we present you the children of Mother’s Own.

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