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This is a gathering of very different lives. It is a story about the rejected, abused and the so-called weak. It is a tale about boys that have experienced more failure than success. It is a testament showing that a burdened start in life might just lead to a dedication to being stronger that is unrivaled. These men share one similarity. Having no way of turning back to the place they once knew as their homes. 

An old king who refuses to accept his fate of solitude seeks new heirs to a community that he once again can call his own. Each boy will one day leave their King's protection behind to carry on his legacy throughout the world. He vowed that he would not look for the strongest among boys nor will he look for the most talented. He is dedicated to making a strong man out of one that is considered weak. He will raise a man so skilled the greatest of warriors will fear him. And he will raise it from a boy that has been rejected for a lack of competence and strength. He will give purpose to what others say are meaningless lives.

It is the start of a new generation of warriors fighting for justice among the people.

Four boys. One King.

Five histories. One Future.