“In preparation for the war that may never be.

The world of with one another is in balance as it should be. it is protected by the spirits of the gods of souls as they continue to prevent evil to enter their sacred land. The gates are kept and they are kept well.

This has not been the case throughout the history as the powers of the gatekeepers do fade when the world enters ‘the era of darkness’.

It is this cycle when the sun loses it’s light and the world will be shaded in black. The power of madness gains it’s momentum and viciously strides to the doorsteps of the temples of the gods of souls. In these times the world fears for it’s peace.

It hasn’t happened for thousands of years and the day of the great war might never come again. Though the question remains, who will fight the physical war when the spiritual war has lost it’s ground? The horsemen are part of the sacred “Army of the lands”. hidden between the rolling hills of the high north living in their stables with their loyal horses they prepare for the war that may never be.