With one Another - Gods of Souls

"No 'gift' of sight. No 'gift' of speech. No 'gift' of hearing."

Many ponder about who or what protects the people from the illnesses their ancestors wrote so much about in found books. ‘Disease’ or ‘handicap’ are defined in a way the tribes of this world have never heard of. To them it sounds like witchcraft yet they believe that these horrible curses were once a reality to wanderers of their world. The habitants of the With one Another world care much for living with respect and unity as they believe that it will keep them away from the pain.

Based on stories only told by the boldest of travellers there are forms of life that protect this world from all illness. Gods they call them as their presence is as powerful as seismic forces. One encounter will change a life as it will coincidentally connect a soul to be in touch with theirs. It will give insight that no other experience in life will match.

These beings are responsible of cleansing the world of illness. They cannot speak, they cannot see and they have no hearing. They bestow the world’s undeserved sickness upon themselves to save others and through that they are respected heavily by all communities that have heard of them. Worshipped for their great sacrifices and prayed to by those who have heard of them.

Shaped and formed by these disabilities they are believed to be of the strongest of minds because sacrificing oneself for the world to be better demands great power. The greatest power of all – true selflessness.