A few weeks ago I had decided to apply for an online photography inquiry to become one of five photographers to document the ADE event later this year.  Confession time. I really really (really) don't like doing photography competitions. But that has more to do with the fact that you put yourself right in the spot of rejection and for me having my photography being judged by my horrible critical self is good enough.

But. This was interesting. ADE isn't just an event. It's the world coming together and that idea with my view on photography and human interaction sounded like an amazing opportunity to tell a story.

So I applied. I was happy when I got informed that I was invited and selected to be part of the selection day where 20 photographers had to face some challenges and would later hear which 5 would be booked as photographers and have all access to the ADE events. Canon was in the mix as well and since I'm a huge nerd I know (and have used) all brands that make cameras.

And like all challenges: it was challenging. Having a completely open approach of photography myself, being narrowed down by 'boundaries' isn't something that makes me comfortable . We had to make three photos named "PORTRAITS" which would be of an artist you had to find. "LOCATION" which expectedly restricted us to a certain location and "ATMOSPHERE" in which you would tell the story about how you see Amsterdam.

So I did as I always do and just followed my gut. Waited for the right moment till I felt something happening and seize that opportunity.

I'm very very happy to be one of the five winners of this challenge and I learned one important thing today: Wherever you are in your career and even if you feel like something's not necessarily up your alley. Face that challenge. Every. Single. Time. Not have I gotten the opportunity to document an amazing event this year. I've also made new friends and felt an age old form of pressure which you rarely feel after you've gotten your career in check. It felt like it was new again and I loved every single bit of it. Can't wait to work together @canonnederland @amsterdamdanceevent

These are the winning photos.