It's hard using words to describe a feeling felt so deep and it's scary to admit that it's real. I guess it is though. So I'll try to find the right words for it. I knew everything was perfect when I realised how beautiful my life was with my little Lilou. But I couldn't dare to wish to find someone that would make life even greater every single day. You're so beautiful. Not just in these pictures but as you are in life. I get to say that you're that girl that lights up the room with your smile and god knows it's true. I don't know how we got so lucky, you and I. But we did and it's like finding a home without ever knowing we were lost.

Our love is exhilarating, exciting, intoxicating and feels like the best rollercoaster ever. It's a love that should be celebrated through the bad and the good. Because that's what love is honey, it's both the dark and the light, sad and happy and what seals all of that is our hearts coming together with the greatest power I've ever witnessed next to fatherhood. I'm proud of us and my soul is on fire for you. It's burning with the greatest passion it has ever felt for someone and as it rages it will never die down. Even if my flames turn to ashes, it will revitalise the soil for us to grow out of again as it is unwavering and relentless in it's will to live on. 
The greatest heights lead to the longest drops. But I'll fall. I'll take the risk and climb the highest ridges to find you again and again to simply tell you "I love you".