I've come to the realisation that capturing memories has gotten too easy for us that it has become less of an effort to actually 'make' them. As a photographer I'd be the first one to admit that taking random snaps here and there would be enough memory making. Taking photos whether it would be with my camera or my phone really prevents me from ever taking the time to go back and reminisce about those times. I talked with my students and it's a resounding truth that in digital times having images stored on a harddrive makes us feel like we've made the memory and that's that. Done. So the question remains. When do we actually go back and 'feel' that we're back in that place of time?

Floor and I made a deal about actually collecting memories. Collecting items we found in beautiful places and actually 'framing' them. It's a trophy to put up in your house. It's a story on the wall or on your shelf. A memory for you to look at every day or that someone is dying to hear about because they're wondering why it's there in the first place.

We've started collecting memories not just in photographs but in actual things. But it's not just us. It starts with Lilou too. It's a new ambition to be a collector of life; Photographs, wood, sand, maps, rocks, leaves. Anything can be a memory. Can't wait to expand my new little collection.

I don't know why I'm loving it so much. But I'd like to find out if you'll enjoy it as much as I do. Give it a try. It might change the way you experience your history.