*Nominated for Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam 2017*

There are few things I can wish for. One is giving back in one way or another. Taking photos of things that not only mean something to me but actually can make a change. Doing for the good and not just a 'personal' concept but putting my craft to good use for those who deserve it.

The moment Justdiggit came along giving the opportunity to document something amazing not just with photography but trusting me with a full fledged short documentary was more than anything I could dream of.

Never did I expect that it was going to be such a life changing experience. I knew that this was the type of work I wanted to focus on more. It helped me make a decision stepping away from what a 'career' and 'success' by putting myself in a position to be open to more of these kinds of opportunities in spite possibly skipping a job. Never could I dream that a project like this could turn into reality for me. This was it. The first of hopefully many.

Visit www.justdiggit.org and support them in any way you can. They are doing an amazing job.


Behind the scenes/Wildlife: