With one Another - Mother's Own

"A child’s purity should not be underestimated in times of hardship."

Conceived by mother nature herself, this young looking folk are seen as highly intelligent and very aware of the reason of being. Often mistaken as young people or just children, other tribes tend to be misguided at first sight. Their appearance are a reflection of their purest of souls. When being with one of them for a longer period of time one can only realise that they house a much greater knowledge than one would expect or ever aspire to have.

Tales tell that the children of Mother’s Own are the carriers of heavy times and the distributors of balance. Whenever they sense a disturbance in their world they can shift their energy to bring back harmony and peace. It is a mystery how it happens and why they tap into their power to do this.

Each of them have a role within their own tribe as their sensitivity and intelligence always manifests itself into a talent. Every child has a responsibility and craft which supplies the tribe with what it needs. If something is needed that they themselves are not capable of doing Mother Nature will provide.

They do not look like one another. Yet some believe they share one old (Mother Nature’s) soul distributed over multiple physical entities. It is as if they are the true brothers and sisters of the world. Proving that love and unity has no face nor color.