NEWD - 2016 collection

Newd was born from the idea to start a conversation. While traveling in India, the lack of wifi access forced us to ditch our smartphones and truly immersive ourselfes in a life on the road. In the first week of our trip, we had had an outfit made, the Tupak (named after the local tailor), comprising of a shirt and slacks, suitable to withstand the country’s blistering heat. Interestingly, the suit became the starting point of many a casual chat on the street and inspired us to launch a clothing line that would be equally engaging.

Newd Studios’ first collection, named tall king collection, offers three Tupaks, each comprising of a shirt and matching slacks. With every collection, we collaborate with talented local artists. For the first collection, we collaborated with Steven van Lummel and Tim Mastik who pitched in with distinctive graphics for the fabrics. Each suit is manufactured in a limited edition.


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