I was approached by Norlan Glass designer Sruli Recht to think about a concept of photography for their newly developed whisky glass.

The unique feature of this product is a combination of new-age scientific research & design merged with the old tradition of drinking whisky. They've accomplished an incredible result with their design and lifted up the drinking experience to a higher level. I was asked to interpret their product with still life photography.

Like their glass I wanted to compliment the tradition of old photography and the new age of minimalism and geometrical shapes we see around us today. It was a wonderful play of creativity where I took the inspiration from old still life paintings and photographs and inject a subtle new shape or form that comes from the modern age. Translated through using old withered plants & adding geometric lines to the photograph or taking a classical material like marble but using a slab that has been polished with today's technology.

This led to a harmony of old and new, tradition and progression.

Read more about the glass at norlanglass.com.