With one Another - The Caravan

"The veins of our world."

The people of the Caravan travel from tribe to tribe carrying goods to trade or sell and in so doing, connect one tribe to another. They are the only ones to know their way through the vast lands and across the seemingly limitless natural expanse. These people leave no tangible evidence of their passing, one can only stumble upon the tracks they have left behind in the sands in the moments before they’re erased by the wind.

This particular group represents a clan of travellers within the world of the With one Another tribes. This community belongs to no specific land and no land belongs to them. All the places they rest their heads are all the places they call “home". They are led by one leader to guide them through the lands. To wander alone is to risk becoming perilously lost in the expanses and ultimately perishing. It’s vital to rely on the wisdom of the wisest of all.

The tribe would be regarded as “one with the world” because of their respect for the goods their land offers. They produce no waste, they find purpose and utility in everything – from the bones of their food to the abandoned materials found stray across the land. Connected through nature and spirit the world and these people mutually rely on one another to keep the relationship between humans and their world in balance.