With one Another - The Outskirts

"In a world where there is no order and no shelter one must survive not only with skills but with trust."

One seeks a family, refuge and safety in an environment where there is nothing left. These outcasts look for shelter and protection in one another. Young straying children come together to form what they call "ONE". They are not individuals and they don't see themselves as such. They are a unity, they are their own family, a warm heart in a world which has nothing to offer anymore.

These groups take shelter in their own found territories, will form a hierarchy and live by their own rules. They usual reside in what can be said old industrial sites. The places they live are often large terrains/warehouses that offer good shelter and expandable living space. This isolation means they rarely communicate with other tribes. Those who pass by like travellers, merchants/caravans and lost ones will be welcomed into their homes for shelter or to stay permanently. Young wanderers with no home to return to can stay to be taken into the group and work their way up in the tribe’s ranking.