A series of portraits of Amsterdam artisans photographed by Marc Haers. 
In collaboration with Denham – produced by Grolsch Canvas.

One might wonder whether craftsmanship in today’s high-tech world still exists. This project is an affirmation and celebration of today's Amsterdam artisans. I've photographed the artisans in their studio surrounded by their tools, wearing their daily working outfit: a pair of jeans. This series of photographs suit their surrounding well: the Spaarndammerbuurt, an Amsterdam neighbourhood widely known for its world famous Amsterdam School architecture and housing of craftsmen in the early twentieth century. The inspiration for the series partly came from the tradition of social photography associated with pioneers like August Sander, Irving Penn and Lewis Hine.

We wanted to portray them in the realms of "social photography" so it seemed like a good Idea to mix the old with the new in our concept. It directly aligned with Denham's concept of 'before and after' or as our campaign stated 'virgin to vintage'. I wanted the photography style to bridge a gap between the old masters of photography and the new techniques we're using today. Instead of either shooting them in their own surroundings or just in front of a beautiful piece of canvas we decided to do both. Mix their surroundings with the rich textured canvas creating a visually appealing mix between studio and location photography.